Artist of the Month: Haidee Wilson

“ The secret to a good painting is falling in love.”

Art is a way expressing the joy and love of my Canadian French heritage, my roots. It has given me a deep sense of belonging. Through my own self-exploration it tells a story of connectivity as a woman. Catalysts to these creative expressions are my childhood memories, day to day living in France, paying attention to the culture of food, art and classical music. The common thread, through out my figurative and landscape paintings are color, shape and light. One such painting, initially, was a vase of flowers. I turned it upside down, painted in a figure so that the flowers became imbedded in the figure. It was my whimsical statement of a woman with strength and wit. I, also, have created a collection of architectural drawings of which give attention to façade detail. The buildings are in and around Europe. I am always happy to create these as it brings me back to the details of that particular day and the love of history. Each painting is my way to represent belonging, the internal joy and love of self and my ancestral history.

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