Artist of the Month: Jennifer Sharkey

I am a contemporary artist based in western NC. Much of my creative influence comes from fractal geometry and cymatic effects found in nature. I am fascinated by the repetitive designs of flowers, leaves, seeds, shells, etc. For me, such patterns inspire a sense of connectivity and suggest that all life is interrelated.

Geometric Dotillism is my preferred style of painting. I layer drops of fluid acrylic paint with a brush to create raised dots. People find running their fingers over the dots satisfying, even calming. 

For the most part, my subject matter is the mandala. Mandalas represent our universe by mimicking the circle of life as a symbol of unity. They also signify oneness with nature and make me feel grounded and more at peace when I create them.

In addition to painting a pretty mandala, I strive to create a pattern that tells a story. My art aims to inspire a sense of connectedness to nature. 

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