Alice Herring

Alice Herring is a North Carolina native, albeit eastern North Carolina. She moved to Waynesville after her retirement in 2013. She enjoys nature through gardening, hiking, walking, and bird watching.

Glances of the majestic mountains, roaring streams, clear lakes, blue and cloudy skies, and the rich artistic community in Western North Carolina inspire her art pieces.  She works in encaustic and alcohol ink, enjoying the free flow of these mediums.  Occasionally, she tries to control them, but mostly she delights in letting them do their own thing. Most recently, she creates bonsai trees with wire.

She states, “I am new to the world of art creation; however, I have appreciated art for many years.  What a pleasure it is to see the creativity realized in western North Carolina.  The supportive artistic community is inspiring and encouraging. I look forward to learning new techniques and growing as an artist.”

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