Allyson Gernandt

I have always been an “outdoor girl”, in the woods, or on a horse, camping, running, bike riding, and paddling.  I was never interested in wearing jewelry.  Then, in 1993, my husband’s father took me to a Wholesale Gem Show.  I was wowed by the variety, shapes, and colors of all the beautiful “rocks” that I saw.  I had always liked rocks, and this was an awakening to their scope. He gave me an hour’s soldering lesson in his basement.  And I was hooked on the fact that I could use fire to join pieces of silver together!  Magic happened that day.  I took a 5-day beginner Silversmith Course at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  I learned enough to keep going on my own, of course, making many mistakes along the way.  I was stubborn and persistent to improve my skills, and now my “job” is to help these rocks find their “person”.  Energy Magic is the Result.

I am a Silversmith, Hypnotherapist, a Wild Foods and Medicinal Plants educator, and a Water Dowser, and grandmother. I live with my husband, Bob Gernandt, outside of Bryson City, NC.  Bob is a Luthier.

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