Amanda Kay Anders

My greatest strength as an artist is a love of learning and willingness to incorporate new ideas and techniques into my art.  I can adapt my art for many different audiences, including commercial and illustrative design, sequential art, or fine art.  I love to incorporate hints of each into my different styles as well, including fine art references in sequential art and pop art imagery in fine art.  I work primarily in 2D media, including pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, and pencil.  However, I enjoy integrating both printmaking and fiber arts into my works to embed layers of media as well as images.  Many of my pieces incorporate imagery from both archaeology and pop culture, such as my Goddess series.

In creating art, the process is more important than the finished product.  This emphasis on process led me to create multiple series of images inspired by patterns and rhythm in nature in my most recent work, Bio series.  The layering of images and media allows a physical rhythm in my artmaking as well as a visual rhythm in the works of art.  Patterns from minerals, rocks, and cell structures, as well as prehistoric designs form the basis of my artistic creativity.