Debbie Skelly

Debbie Skelly

My love for gourds started when I moved from Brandon, FL to Maggie Valley, NC in 2005. I have always loved creating some form of art, mostly painting, but when I was introduced to gourds, that all changed. I saw my first gourd in a gallery in Boone, NC. from that day on, I knew that I wanted to work with gourds. I cannot imagine not doing gourd art.

My gourd designs are influenced by nature, Native American and Southwest styles.  Because I love the critters”, (as I call them), often I incorporate butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds into my art.  In addition, I use dreamcatchers, bears, turtles, and kokopellis, which are in the Native American and Southwest styles.  I can actually incorporate anything onto a gourd.

I use a variety of media such as dyes, inks, polishes, paint and clay.  Carving and woodburning are used on many of my gourds. All natural embellishments and beads are often used as accents.

I believe you can never stop learning.

Instagram Account: @percyskelly