Debra Mills

Debra Mills

Debbie majored in Theatre Arts at the University of California/Santa Barbara.  She worked in local Children’s Theatre back in New Jersey/New York in all facets of production.  


Debbie became enamored with basketweaving when she inherited an antique oak egg basket from her husband’s grandmother, back in the eighties.  “I was determined to re-create that basket, so I bought a kit”.   I made a total mess.  I have been studying, taking classes and teaching ever since.”  Trying to perfect the technique.  She has worked with reed, cane, paper, copper, and oak.


She is a member of the North Carolina Basketmakers Association.  Spent years attending the yearly convention.  The best teachers from all over the country would come and teach. She also studied white oak basket weaving at Arromont school In Tennessee from Bill and Mary Smith from Alabama. 


She taught basketweaving at Southwestern Community College, Stecoah Arts and Crafts Gallery, and at her own gallery in Bryson City, Wild Fern Studios.  She spent a summer demonstrating basket weaving techniques and selling baskets at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC


The baskets you see here are made from Kraft Rush.  Use them to hold your potatoes, onions, apples, etc.  But remember, they are paper, so keep them dry.