Gina Tunney

As a small child, growing up in a Northern Virginia suburb of Washington, DC,  I watched in amazement as my father drew wonderfully constructed, artful faces and doodles in the margins of the newspaper as he thought about and worked on crossword puzzles.   I always wanted to be able to capture faces as he did.

Many years later, I continue to love portraiture and the human figure.  I also enjoy a diverse selection of subjects and media.   I draw and paint from a home studio and at any time, I could be working on a commissioned portrait, a quick pen sketch with a watercolor wash, or a plein air landscape.   I love each of them and all of them.   Working on different subjects keeps me fresh.

I work in oil and water media and all kinds of drawing media, depending on what I am doing.

I think my Dad would be proud of me and how far I have taken his “faces”.

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