Helen Geltman

I do not know why the passion Is born in the hearts of humankind to create works of art.

I do not know why the passion is born in the hearts of humankind to desire art. 

It seems to me the greatest tragedy that compassion for others is not always born in our hearts alongside the passion for art.

Close your eyes. Envision our community, our world, a you would want them to be. 

Now envision the steps that will take us there.

For me, this is the way I must take. 

The works of art begin where the words end. 

Helen Sanders Geltman was born in New York City in 1951.

She spent her life with horses and children. 

She earned a degree in biology and music from Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1975.

She earned a degree in professional crafts in clay from Haywood Community College in 2013.

Ms. Geltman makes her home on the banks of Panther Creek where she still shares her life with the children and grandchildren of the first horse she acquired back in 1967.

Much of Ms. Geltman’s art is the expression of images from a life time spent with horses and children.

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