Judy Rentner

Judy loves the light. She is captivated by how light and dark interplay to form patterns and designs that make even the mundane magical. Although primarily a landscape painter, she paints whatever stirs her emotionally, and by presenting the thing created, may in some measure, reveal the Creator Himself.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio University, Judy continued her association with art by first being an interior designer in Washington D.C. and then teaching art in the California school system. Having moved all over the country, Judy was exposed not only to a diverse group of artists and artistic styles but a range of natural settings.  She focused initially on watercolor painting with its spontaneous flow of colors and now is exploring the richness of oils.  She has been in shows all over the country and here in Western North Carolina.  Currently, Judy is represented by the Asheville Gallery of Art and Twigs and Leaves in Waynesville.