Laura Parker

As a lifelong artist I’ve worked in a variety of media but for several years have focused on painting in oil, for its softness and malleability, and gouache, for its opacity and portability. I’m especially drawn to capturing a moment, feeling or the likenesses of places and individuals I’ve encountered in my travels. My recent return from the frenetic pace of South Florida to my childhood home of Waynesville seems to have signaled a profound shift in my approach to art. I see a painting wherever I look and have begun to stretch my boundaries with the new experience of painting en plein air. I’m looking forward to learning and growing as an artist and participating fully in the wellspring of creativity that’s such an integral part of Haywood County.

Music is an equally important aspect of my creative life. I’m a singer of classical, opera and symphonic choral repertoire, have performed with Andrea Bocelli a half-dozen times, and have a deep connection to The Great American Songbook.