Lu Ann Lewellen

I started drawing as soon as I could handle a crayon. My mother said I drew a face when I was two. Whether that’s true or not, I remember drawing “naughty bugs” on my behavior chart because that was a lot more fun than pasting gold stars.

My mother shipped me off to the Junior school of the Art Institute of Chicago every summer as soon as I was old enough to ride the train by myself. I’d end up loathing the instructor and vow never to go back (I always did) but I did get good at quick sketch and sculpture. I’ve taken adult classes in Portland, Oregon, and Waynesville, North Carolina, in metal sculpture, jewelry, pottery and painting. I used to draw and paint at home continually until life got in the way.

Today I’m one class away from a diploma in Professional Crafts-Jewelry from Haywood Community College. I’m currently a painter with acrylic my preferred medium but I’ve worked in everything from clay to ink and may do so again. I’m not looking for a career in art at this late date; I just want to get back to the thrill of creating. There’s really nothing like it.

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