Paula Woods

I am a maker. Some call me an artist. All I know is that at my core, I need to create.

I have always been drawn to the human form and am currently sculpting figurative forms in clay as well as collage and mixed media assemblages that allow me to incorporate my beloved vintage buttons and findings.

I have been a maker of many things over my lifetime. As a young girl, I was taught all the needle arts by a favorite aunt. Over time, I moved from loom weaving to basketry and enjoyed success selling my reticulated baskets through Twigs & Leaves Gallery in Waynesville, NC  for several years. While doing that I was also learning wheel and hand-built pottery. Behind it, all was my secret love of figure drawing which became public in 2006 in the “Impressions of the Figure” Show at Gallery 86.  After a hiatus from creating art and being involved in the world of antique buttons, I have returned to the studio. I can now pull all those threads of my creative life together into the magical realm of mixed media with the figurative clay form being the primary focus.

My pieces are all one of a kind and hand-built using coil and slab techniques. I often have more than one piece in progress at a time to allow the clay to set up and seldom have a firm idea in mind at the start. Originally, I only built torso forms but have recently started adding faces. They are a challenge! I don’t copy from any reference material so each face is unique and I like playing with feature proportions.

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