Pink Schingen

I am from the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, however, I was raised in the mountains of SE West Virginia. I went to college in Tampa FL from 2008-2012 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in professional digital photography.  In 2018, my husband and I relocated to Waynesville for his job, and Oh! What a beautiful place to live!!  I am inspired by the details of the vague, the unique, the rare, the known, and the mysterious. I enjoy seeking out the hidden allure of the typically overlooked and photographing these objects in studio, while playing with the light and the shadows. Our surroundings and circumstances offer much for our eyes to see, but at times we do not open the door of our minds to perceive, or we tend to dismiss the details amidst finite days on our journey. I am captivated by the elements of dried flowers and weeds; I am delighted at a simple display of the ‘ordinary’, the intricate detail of a leaf that has faded, and jewelry is a favorite!

I am fascinated by the human condition in its “many forms” and our needs in life. I respect the mature life of someone who has weathered many storms yet has prevailed in the face of them. I respond with caring conversation as I photograph gnarled hands, a rugged face, those fine lines just under the surface of the skin, or a face deep in thought. These outward appearances are a part of the human condition and tell the story of a life. Equally, it is the eyes that give a glimpse into a soul full of memories, the details of which get frayed and fragmented with time. I am eager to listen to the experiences recounted, making notes to put to poem later. I preserve the ‘future’ remnants of our memories with black and white visual storytelling, by exploring and detailing history through my mind’s eye, my camera, and my pen. Sometimes in an ambiguous manner, and other times clearly. The only medium I work with is digital photography. I photograph in RAW, which has no color space, and then process in my digital darkrooms, aka Photoshop and Lightroom, where I enjoy also, compositing many photographs into one piece of art, as well as digital photo restoration. So, open that door, look deeper and don’t dismiss the details…  I hope you find a heightened appreciation of the many enchantments at hand. ~Pink