Steve Smith

Steve Smith

The attempt to create the illusion of three dimensions using a two-dimensional space has always fascinated me.  It its this creative process, leading to a finished work, that makes this thing called art so rewarding.  If, at the same time, I can engage the casual viewer with my interpretations, all the better.

Having a lifelong interest in drawing has led me to the mediums of oil, watercolor and pastels.  Each has its own challenge but again, the process of creating the illusion is the thing.

Steve Smith was raised in coastal Virginia and educated in engineering and business.  A career in aviation and finance kept the artistic pursuits on the avocational track until it was time to stop the race.  His formal art training includes classes at the Penland School of Crafts and numerous workshops with such teachers as David Dunlop, West Fraser, Ben Ham (photography), Susan Sarback and many others.

Steve now resides sometimes on a mountaintop in western North Carolina and about the same amount of time on an island off the southern South Carolina coast.