Susan Balentine

My work is individually thrown, high fire functional stoneware pottery, hand painted with a wax resist using nature inspired designs.

Bangkok, Thailand was my birthplace. My parents were missionaries and returned to the USA when I was 4. My childhood years were spent in Cary and Boiling Springs, NC. The joy of creating handmade items was instilled at an early age by my artistic mother. A lifetime passion for art inspired my creative talents that lead me to receive my degree and start my own business. Much of my success I owe to my husband John and Gary Clontz, my instructor at Haywood. Presently, I am producing pottery in my home studio in Waynesville. There is excitement as well as a challenge to running my business, Nature’s Beauties. I feel that beauty is a gift that nature gives us every day. With my pottery I strive for comfort of use but also to bring some beauty into everyday life.

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