Susan Huckaby

Mind the Music! resulted from a conversation over dinner with friends in July 2016. I mentioned that I loved to teach and really felt drawn to providing experiences to empty-nesters and older adults to learn to read music and play piano.

I then met with Lindsey Solomon, former HCAC Director, to discuss my passion, and … Mind the Music! was born. Keeping our minds and bodies active as we get older, while doing something we love and perhaps always wanted to do, can be refreshing and rewarding.

I tell students to relax, have fun. It is a no-stress environment and no competition. We’ve had over 50 students begin the program. Lessons are offered in 5-6 week recurring sessions. Well over half the students continue for more than one session and four students have been in the program since the beginning in 2016! The age of students range from 55 years to 91 years!

It gives me such pleasure to see the students enjoy learning music and playing the piano.

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