Thomas Cantwell

Thomas “Zan” Cantwell is an American artist born in 1952 in Constable, New York, and raised in central Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Canton, North Carolina, where he continues to pursue his passion for painting, fly fishing, and writing. In the early 80s, Cantwell majored in Fine Art at Harrisburg Area Community College, where he honed his skills in painting and developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. His work often features landscapes and water scenes captured in oil and gouache. In addition to his work as a painter, Cantwell is also an avid naturalist, poet, and songwriter. He draws inspiration from the majesty of the natural world. His art often reflects his love of fishing and the peaceful serenity of being surrounded by nature. Overall, Zan Cantwell is an artist whose work celebrates the beauty of the natural world and the joys of outdoor pursuits. His paintings capture the essence of the landscape, and his passion for nature shines through in every brushstroke.