Wanda Ann Kinnaman

Open spaces and quiet places best describe my work and process as I seek to make connections in the created world through exploring spaces and places of nature. Encouraging discerning viewers to seek and reach out beyond the noise and busyness of life that threatens to swallow us up daily is my primary motivation. I create work that offers ideas of solitude and isolated healing with juxtaposed pockets of nature’s beauty.

My primary medium of digital artistry allows me to both discover and experiment by combining the beauty of light through photography and then pushing further into the ever-changing and evolving infinite digital abyss of composites and digital painting. This creates a greater mystery in the created spaces and places that often weaves its way back to traditional media in painted layers of encaustic wax. The wax encapsulates the original digital painting with further additions of traditional mediums and bits and pieces of ephemera to enhance or transform the work into deeper meanings of layered contemplations.

As I explore these concepts, I desire for others to be able to experience my findings and see beyond a landscape or imagery of nature. Through learning new ways of seeing and doing life with fresh eyes that go beyond looking and digging deeper we can see into and experience connections to the created world. These connections are made not only in the mystery of places found on the roads less traveled but also to those so familiar they are overlooked.

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