Wanda Ann Kinnaman

Art of Open Spaces and Quiet Places best describe my work. I am a digital and mixed media artist who is blessed to live and create full-time in the Great Smoky Mountains. Chances are if you don’t find me in the studio, I am out seeking open spaces or quiet places with my camera, a journal sketchbook, and my constant companion, Ezekiel, a gentle giant Great Dane. Whether I am in or out of the studio I am always questioning and diving into the mysteries of places found on the roads less traveled along with those that are so familiar they are often overlooked.

My medium of digital art allows me to discover and experiment by combining the beauty of light through traditional mediums and then pushing the imagery further into the infinite digital abyss. My work consists of intricately created composites that are hand-rendered with individual brushwork along with other processes or full hand-painted digital paintings. But this is only the beginning of each original piece as the digital imagery is then transformed into a mixed media encaustic work.
Unreproducible, original, and unique pieces are then created by hand-painting layers of encaustic wax over the authentic digitally created, and printed work of art. Each layer of wax is fused and often oil pigments, metal leaves such as copper, silver, and gold, and or other media are placed within the layers of wax that cocoon, enhance, and transform the works into one-of-a-kind pieces.

I have been a nature-inspired artist since receiving my BA in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. But became intrigued with photography after receiving my MA. My digital art grew from this, weaving back to combine with traditional media in the last few years. The learning, however, never ends as I continue to further my knowledge with well-known digital artists and instructors to expand and grow in the constantly evolving digital world.

The invitation is always open for others to journey with me to seek the open spaces and quiet places that offer solitude and healing as I share my discoveries and creations.