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Morgan Beryl, Executive Director

Morgan is new to Waynesville, but not art! Morgan lived all over the Country and her travels brought her to western North Carolina and the HCAC because they both speak to her passions, art, and nature. Morgan joined HCAC in June 2021 as the Executive Director and brings experience in grant writing, community development, non-profit management, and fine art. Morgan enjoys hiking and paddling with her pack, Tom, and Birdie.



Lauren A. Medford, Marketing & Membership Coordinator

Lauren A. Medford. Is a working artist and a proud native of Waynesville, North Carolina. I hold an A.A.S. degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Southwestern Community College and a M.F.A. from Western Carolina University. My mediums of choice are printmaking, collage, and fibrous sculpture. I work in themes of camp, fandom, fashion, and Diva sensibilities.


Pamela Tiffany, Gallery Coordinator - Volunteer

Pamela was born and raised in California, but she has always been a mountain girl at heart. She worked in the Contract and Grant Office, at the University of California, San Diego for thirty-two years. In 2015 she retired from her position as Assistant Director from the University of California. Pamela moved to North Carolina that same year to be close to her daughter and grandchildren. “I have been my happiest in NC and wanted to give back.” She was soon introduced to HCAC by one of its artist members and Pamela was excited to get involved. “I fell in love with the Gallery and asked if I could volunteer and was given the privilege to work as the Gallery Coordinator at HCAC.”


Janet Steinke, WNC Quilt Trails Program Coordinator

Janet moved to Waynesville a few years back from Michigan. A quilter for over 25 years, Janet has led a 475-member quilt guild in Grand Rapids, Michigan and helped establish a new quilt guild in Holland, Michigan. She became interested in the HCAC Quilt Trails Program both as a previous engineer and project management professional, and as a quilter. Janet is passionate about efficiency and an ethos of continuous improvement which she has brought to the program by updating the dynamics of the quilt block painting process and reducing the timeline by half. Janet loves spending time with her husband Darrell and their golden retriever, Boo.

Fritzie S. Wise, JAM Program Coordinator

Fritzie S. Wise received the Bachelor of Music Education in 1982 from Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina. Fritzie taught elementary, middle and high school music for 30 years in the Haywood County School before retiring in 2013. Fritzie lives in Waynesville, North Carolina in the wonderful Smoky Mountains with her husband Tim and cat Leo. Fritzie is so pleased to be a part of the JAM program, as this type of music speaks to the heritage of our community and will teach the students a history that they may not get anywhere else.

Board of Directors

The Haywood County Arts Council Board of Directors is made up of a group of passionate volunteers, dedicated to serving the artists in our community. Board members are elected to three-year terms, and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms during their tenure. Board meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month. If you are interested in serving as a member of the HCAC Board of Directors, please

Joey Fuseler, President

Joey is the General Manager for Mast General in Waynesville. Knowledgeable in budgeting, human resources, and marketing Joey brings much needed business expertise to HCAC. Joey joined HCAC in 2019 due to the many poignant events the organization held, and most recently served as Treasurer before becoming President in summer 2021. Joey is a proud father and loves spending time with his family hiking, paddling, traveling, and playing foosball in his basement.

Barbara Brook, Vice President

Barbara is an artist and instructor and has shared her passion in the arts for over 50 plus years. She has been an active participant in many of the HCAC gallery shows and feels strongly about promoting the arts in Waynesville. Not only an artist member, Barbara also acts as Vice President where she lends her organization and computer skills. Barbara has a passion for painting, gardening, and traveling.

Tim Wise, Treasurer

Tim has been a music teacher for 30 years serving as Band Director at Tuscola High School since 1993. Now in his second term on the Board, Tim joined HCAC due to his passion for the arts and his desire to connect his students to the arts community. He brings enthusiasm for educating people about the arts and experience in running programs to the HCAC. Tim enjoys gardening, golf, reading, and travel.

Shelby Harrell, Secretary

Shelby, the HCAC Board Secretary, joined in 2021 to get more involved with the arts community and to help promote the organization. As a former journalist, Shelby uses her editing and writing skills to record the meeting minutes and write articles about HCAC’s work. Shelby enjoys cooking, baking and watching horror movies for fun.

Lionel Villarroel, Board Member

Lionel is the Manager for Carolina Breathing Solutions in Waynesville and is a faculty member of the Department of Geosciences at WCU. He enjoys teaming up with other members, is a former member of the Rotary Club and active member of the Knights of Columbus and is eager to do the same at HCAC. Lionel joined HCAC in 2018 and part of the Development Committee since 2019. Lionel loves spending time with his family and likes hiking, walking, listening to music and playing piano.


Patty Coulter, Board Member

Patty joined HCAC because she wanted to make connections with other artists and an artistic community. With an arts education background, Patty brings a knowledge of many art processes and a critical eye. Her own experience as a lifelong artist helps her understand the needs of the art community HCAC serves. For fun, Patty! This includes nature journaling, colored pencils, printmaking, pen and ink, watercolor and more. Studying, drawing and researching nature are her passions.

Gayle Haynie, Board Member

Gayle joined HCAC as a board member in 2020 and believes in and wants to help promote local artists and their work. Gayle previously worked in customer service and enjoys working with the community and can often be found docenting at the HCAC gallery. As an artist member, Gayle has given live demos, classes and volunteered for several HCAC events.

Stephanie Kea, Board Member

Stephanie is a new HCAC Board Member, having just joined in June 2021. She joined HCAC because she wanted to get her art students and NAHS students involved in the community. As a high school art teacher, Stephanie can provide her students with opportunities to be more involved with their local community and also to show off their talents. Stephanie loves to paint, go on hikes with my family, sit on her back porch overlooking the lake and check out coffee shops.

Alison Parks, Board Member

Alison, an artist member and active docent volunteer who chairs the volunteer committee, joined the HCAC Board in June 2021. Alison joined the HCAC because she loves art, grew up in a family of artists, and wanted to be an active member of the art community. As a board member, Alison brings organization, finance, and communication skills to HCAC. Her passion is quilting, and she also likes to exercise, enjoy nature, and spend time with family and friends.

Emily Reason, Board Member

Emily is an HCAC artist member and joined the Board in June 2021. She runs the Professional Crafts Clay program at Haywood Community College. Emily is passionate about arts education. Emily brings not only an in-depth knowledge of the art discipline to the HCAC Board but also expertise in art related business management. She enjoys working in her home studio and taking hikes with her family.

Stacy Downs, Board Member

Stacy joined the HCAC Board in July 2021. She has always loved the arts and being born and raised in Haywood County it is important to her that she help keep the arts alive and prominent. As a jewelry designer and artist, she knows how much the HCAC means to fellow artists. She brings gallery operation expertise to the HCAC. She has worked at The Jeweler’s Workbench for over 12 years, and in that time has worked with over 100 artists displaying work, pricing, and coordinating custom designs. Positive and enthusiastic, Stacy loves nature, gardening, and the culinary arts.

Tina Honerkamp, Board Member

Tina joined the HCAC Board in June 2021. She loves being connected to the art community and felt she could make a difference, promote, and bring art awareness to our local area by serving. As a native of Haywood County and a full time artist, she is connected and creative. She loves meeting and spending time with other artists. She also teaches workshops during the year to beginners and advanced beginners. Tina brings strong computer and administration skills to HCAC and she also is a partner in the Buckner Gallery. Other than painting, Tina loves to knit, hike, read, and create beautiful things.

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