Creative Barn Quilts: From Concept to Full-Scale Template

Finished Designs by Susan Remi Dawkins for Folkmoot
Design Proof Example

NOTICE: This class is for HCAC Artist Members ONLY who want to learn how to design quilt blocks for The Quilt Trail of WNC Program. 

Class Instructor: Susan Dawkins

Class Title: Creative Barn Quilts: From Concept to Full-scale Template

Class Objectives: To teach HCAC Artist Members how to design barn quilt blocks for the Quilt Trails program. 

Class Description: Participants will receive links to the Zoom sessions, the class outline below with space for notes, a handy “quick-reference” sheet, and Susan’s email for follow-up questions they may have after the class.

Day One: Design

  • Brief history of the Quilt Trails as established by its founders and how Quilt Trails volunteers continue this work
  • What a barn quilt is and isn’t
  • Examples of traditional and non-traditional quilt blocks on the Quilt Trails Understanding patchwork geometry
  • Having fun with traditional patterns
  • Finding inspiration for unique patterns
  • Design resources in print and on the web
  • General Q&A
  • For potential Quilt Trails designers: Quilt Trails process overview (from client request to painted block)
  • For potential Quilt Trails designers: Quilt Trails design parameters, including simplicity, and color, shape, and curve limitations
  • Designer Q&A

Day Two: Template Creation Demo

  • The painting process and how the painters use the template
  • Setting the template canvas size, resolution, line width, and grid size
  • Importing the design mockup and setting the opacity
  • Working on a new layer
  • Making separate shapes
  • Checking for accuracy
  • Creating a color legend and labeling shapes by color
  • Tiling large designs
  • Sending the template to print
  • Q&A

Duration: Two Hours per Day

Time & Date: This is a Two Day Class. 

  • Day One: 1 pm on Saturday, March 12, 2022
  • Day Two: 1 pm on Saturday, March 19, 2022

Class Location: Via Zoom

Class Cost: $25

Creative Barn Quilts: From Concept to Full-Scale Template
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