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2020 Juried Artist & Exhibit Proposal Workshop

August 16, 2019 @ 6:00 am - 7:30 am

The Haywood County Arts Council is now accepting applications for its 2020 gallery shows.  The deadline to apply is Friday, September 6.
Jury Process Workshop: Friday, August 16 at 10:00 a.m. at the HCAC Gallery – Upstairs Board Room

The HCAC current 2019 juried gallery or retail artists do NOT need to reapply for 2020!

 All artists (who are not current 2019-2020 juried gallery or retail artists) are encouraged to review the guidelines and seriously consider applying for the gallery and/or retail* space.
*Please note that our retail artists (juried in for 2019-2020) will be reviewed in the fall of 2019 and a determination will be made as to whether or not we have any open retail spaces available for 2020.  Artists may apply for the retail space waitlist.
Jury Process Guidelines
It is the goal of the Haywood County Arts Council to continue to support and promote local artists through exhibitions in our gallery space and sales in our retail space as well as engage and educate our community through the arts. The purpose of the jury is to gather a body of experts in various media to lend a discerning eye to the work submitted and ensure that we continue to elevate the quality of artwork we offer our community, as well as choose work for sale in the gallery space that will support the endeavors of the HCAC and the artists with whom we work.
The jury will be gathered from the local community of artists, educators, experts and enthusiasts.
  1. The jury will meet once per year to evaluate artwork for the gallery space. The jury will meet twice per year to evaluate work for the retail space. The jury will evaluate retail space items in person when possible. Artists chosen for the gallery space may not necessarily be chosen for the retail space and vice versa in the event an artist has applied in both areas.
    1. Artists submitting for the exhibition space must submit work that is representative of the body of work which was considered by the jury.
    2. Artists submitting for the retail space may submit examples of production runs that will likely include multiple items. For example, a pair of earrings or a single jewelry set will suffice for jury evaluation but it is requested that the artist specify how many are available for purchase. And inventory should be provided with the work.
    3. A rotating board member will facilitate – but not partake – in the jury process for exhibits and retail. The board member facilitator is responsible for keeping notes during the jury process and will answer any questions or concerns raised by the artists after jurying, meaning, they will explain why an artist was or was not accepted into the gallery or retail spaces.
    4. Artwork/artists’ identities will be blinded for the jury’s consideration. A jury member may recuse themselves if they feel overly familiar with an artist and are not able to provide impartial and objective feedback of the work.
    5. The jury determines the artists that will participate in exhibitions for the year. The E.D. may invite non-juried artists to help broaden a particular exhibit as long as their work is in line with the theme and reflects the quality required by the gallery. Partial submissions need not be considered by the jury.
    6. If the ED finds an exception needs to be made, the jury must agree unanimously on this decision.
    7. HCAC may occasionally engage the expertise of a guest curator for specific exhibits. The curator and theme can be determined by the ED without input from the jury.
    8. The jury will only evaluate artists that reside and work in the southern Appalachian mountain region.
Jury Criteria Guidelines for Gallery
  1. The jury will aim to uphold the Haywood County Arts Council’s vision ( a community involved in the arts) and mission (to promote artists, art education and innovation in art) by evaluating the quality of the materials as they relate to the following:
    1. involving and engaging our community in the arts–utilizing the gallery space as a catalyst between the artist and audience in order to expose our community members to a wide variety of media, perspectives and voices
    2. building partnerships that promote art and artists, exploring new cultural opportunities, and exploring our mountain artistic heritage
    3. showcasing artists that particularly represent our region as well as artists that bring something altogether new to the gallery space and community
    4. The artist’s work will be graded on the following merits:
      1. Creativity, originality and excellence in design and execution. A demonstrable mastery of materials in their chosen medium.
      2. Caliber of work as relates to professionalism of artist
          i.      Is this artist emerging or established?
           ii.      Does the work have potential or is it arrived?
Jury Criteria Guidelines for the Retail Space
  1. The criteria guidelines listed above for the gallery artwork also apply to the retail items.
  2. In addition, the jury will aim to uphold the vision and mission of the Haywood County Arts council by evaluating the quality of the materials as they relate to the following:
    1. Is the work sellable?
    2. Does the work reflect a high standard of quality in its execution, i.e., will this piece withstand wear or use if that is its intended purpose?
    3. Is the work individually crafted and not ‘mass-produced’?
    4. Is each piece finished and presented with professional quality?
    5. Retail artwork limitation: The retail area is small. Total of 10-12 (both 2D & 3D) Retail Artists.
      1. ONLY allow 10-12 retail artists total; 7 is ideal. Most of the retail space uses shelving which accommodates pottery, jewelry, small sculptures, small paintings on stands, studio wraps.
      2. ONLY allow 3 three-dimensional retail wall artists, 12″x 18″ or smaller is ideal.
HCAC Juror Evaluation and Rating Sheet – please click on the link below to view the document.
Juror Evaluation and Rating Sheet

HCAC Exhibit Proposals Application – please click on the link below to view the document.


August 16, 2019
6:00 am - 7:30 am
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Haywood County Arts Council


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