Member Only Opportunities

Sale Opportunities

All of the following sale opportunities include a 30% commission to HCAC.

Jason Woodard
Cheryl Summey
Nancy Blevins, Silk Painting Demo

Only artist members are able to enter exhibits unless it’s a specially curated exhibit. Additionally, only artist members may apply to sell their work in the retail gallery located in the heart of downtown Waynesville.

Want to start showing your work? 

  • Learn more about applying for the retail gallery.
  • See HCAC’s gallery exhibit current calls for work.
  • Free entry and automatic acceptance into all gallery exhibits other than specially curated exhibits as long as artwork meets HCAC guidelines.

Only artist members are able to apply to sell their work in the retail gallery. 

Want to start showing your work? 

  • Ability to participate in HCAC coordinated external exhibits at public, local and regional locations in spaces such as restaurants, theater lobbies, office buildings, etc.
  • HCAC will also act as an artist referral liaison for local businesses looking for art outside of a coordinated exhibit.

HCAC provides many opportunities for artist members to demonstrate their process and sell their work in the gallery, at special events and at fundraisers.

Interested in Demonstrating?

Promotional Opportunities

All of the following promotional benefits that include a special artist feature opportunity will be selected through a random drawing at the January Artist Member Only Event. During the artist membership renewal process, artists  indicate which opportunities they want to be considered for and will be entered only into those specific opportunity drawings.

The selected Artist of the Month will be featured in HCAC’s Newsletter as well as on HCAC’s homepage!


  • Artist webpage with four photos of artwork, artist statement, contact information, and website link.
  • Opportunity to be the featured artist as the “Artist of the Month” on website home page. 


  • “Artist of the Month” will also be featured in the monthly general newsletter.
  • HCAC will work with local newspapers to create an artist spotlight interview to compliment the newsletter for hard copy print.

Opportunity for an artist member to use (known as “taking over”) HCAC’s secondary Instagram account, @HCACArtists for 1 week. The purpose of this Instagram account is to promote artist members and art education. Learn More HERE

Ability to participate in “Artist Interview Series” series, where two artists will display their work for sale and participate in a facilitated Q & A. The sales commission of 30% / 70% ratio applies.

  • Occurs twice annually.
  • This will be a free event.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership opportunities will be advertised through the Artist Member Top Two Newsletter

  • Flat rate fees paid by HCAC for creation of products.
  • HCAC will purchase and pay for all necessary materials.
  • HCAC will get 100% of proceeds.
  • There will be a call for work to participate.

Become part of the Quilt Trails Program by designing quilt blocks!

  • Artists are paid $100 per design.
  • Open call for designers each year with three hired for a two-year period with one person rolling off each year.
  • If there is not enough interest, existing designers may continue for another two-year period.

HCAC will have open calls for workshop hosts through the Artist Member Top Two Newsletter. You can always reach out to plan one too!

  • Opportunity to teach a workshop in HCAC’s gallery or other procured spaces.
  • 30% / 70% ratio applies on workshop ticket sales
  • Artist may bring in work to sell during workshop and the 30 / 70% ratio applies.

Program Participation

Christina Bendo, Studio Tour Artist
Biltmore Egg Painting
Jo Ridge Kelley, Studio Tour Artist

The studio tour is a two-day, self-guided tour where visitors can meet artists in their studios. “Many of the HCAC artist members plan their entire production year around the studio tour, which is one of HCAC’s largest and most-intimate events because you get to meet the artist while viewing their work” says Patty Coulter, a long time HCAC artist, former-board member, and studio tour sponsor.

Starting in 2020, HCAC and Biltmore Estates partner to decorate egg-shaped panels that are displayed on the estate grounds in the spring during Easter. Biltmore provides artists with the egg-shaped panels and paints, then participating artists gather for a fun-filled day of egg decorating and fellowship. For the 2022 season, the Biltmore will advertise that the eggs are for sale through HCAC. 

HCAC highlights artist members at our mini-fundraisers and annual fundraiser, the Smoky Mountains Bluegrass Festival. Artist members are given opportunities to demonstrate, sell work, and participate in silent auctions to help promote their work and support HCAC. 

The Quilt Trails Program quilt blocks are designed by artist members. Starting in 2022, HCAC will host quilt block design workshops and start an open call for quilt block designers. Artists are paid $100 per design. 

Gallery exhibitions are open only to artist members, except for the two annual specially curated exhibits. There is no fee and all artist member artwork is welcome, as long as the work meets HCAC guidelines. 

Resources & Priorities

  • Advance notice on HCAC sponsored workshops
  • Advance notice on upcoming grant opportunities
  • HCAC partnership opportunities provided to artist members before reaching out to more general artists.
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