Rhododendrons & Blue Ridge in Watercolor

Rhododendrons & Blue Ridge Watercolor

Class Instructor: Joan Doyle

Class Title: Rhododendrons & Blue Ridge in Watercolor

Class Objectives: Students will complete one watercolor painting and learn two vital techniques used in watercolor painting and how to use them effectively; wet on wet and wet on dry.

Class Description: First we will experiment with the pigment and water to get a feel for how much or little water to use and then I will guide by demonstrating each step of the painting. As the students complete the painting I will give input and answer questions and demonstrate how to achieve an effect.

Duration: Two Hours

Time & Date: 5 – 7 pm Thursday, April 13, 2023

Class Location: Haywood Handmade Gallery, 86 N. Main Street Waynesville, NC 

Class Cost: $45

Age Limit: 16+ Years