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Faceted Mother of Pearl - Clips

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Gemstone and Sterling Silver Earrings. Faceted Mother of Pearl "Clips Behind" Earrings. One inch long.


My life and work are about Energy….the energy of stones, of the earth, of feeling nourished and healthy, of being familiar with the environment.It is about helping people be self-empowered to “find their stone” and notice things about their creative self.

I was born in Virginia.I received a BS From Virginia Tech in 1974.I worked at the Nantahala Outdoor Center form 1980 – 1993.In grade school at recess, I made purple clover necklaces for my friends.Beyond that, I had no interest in jewelry at all.I was in the woods, on a horse, or up in a tree.Then, in 1993, my father in law took me to a wholesale gem show.I saw all those colors and shapes of Rocks, and my eyes were opened. Rocks!!I love rocks!He gave me a one hour soldering lesson in his basement.And I was in love with the magic of connecting metal pieces with Fire!Needing more instruction after he passed, I took a beginner silversmithing class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.I have been a Silversmith for 25 years, am a Wild Foods enthusiast, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Water Dowser, and an instructor of nutrition and all things “well-being”.

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